Are you living a "Life on Fire"?
Carol is certified to facilitate The Passion Test(TM), a simple, yet powerful, system to identify and clarify the things that will help you to live a passionate life.  The Passion Test work is based on the NY Times bestselling book of the same name, by the extraordinary team of Chris and Janet Atwood.

Chris Atwood & Janet Bray Atwood

The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny

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The Passion Test Online!

Now, you can receive all the benefits of completing The Passion Test in a simple, easy-to-use, online format.  Your 30-day trial membership allows you to take The Passion Test online, and get really clear about what's most important in your life.  You'll even receive a personal coaching session with Carol to help you understand the online process!

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The Passion Test(TM) Workshops

* Delivered in 2 1/2 to 3 hour Workshops
* Workshop Size: 6-1000 people (only limited by room size!)
* Attendees will gain clarity about what's most important to their lives, discover how much focus they've been giving their passions, and create a roadmap to help them live more passionate lives
* Workshop fee based on number in attendance (more people means lower per person fee)
* In-home workshops:  Host attends free and gets free one-hour follow-up session
* Call or email Carol for workshop price quotes

The Passion Test
One-on-One Course

* Delivered in two 1-hour sessions (by phone)
* Participants will uncover their passions, by identifying, prioritizing and clarifying what's most important
* Expands the traditional workshop material to the specific individual
* Program examines limiting beliefs and offers useful tools to create more passionate life
* Call or email Carol for individual session price quotes

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