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“Carol uplifts my spirits and definitely has the ability to make me want to keep trying and to stay focused on what’s important to me.  Carol’s newsletter is truly empowering and makes a person stay focused on what’s right for us as individuals, which is a happy and healthy life. Carol gives me the strength and encouragement to only move forward, not backwards!!!!!!  She has helped me physically, spiritually, and emotionally....and has helped me change my life around.   Thanks so much!!!!”

Sabrina G - Yakima, WA


“If you are ready to make a big shift in your life or even just test the water, then this is the place to start. Carol is a passionate, experienced and masterful Coach. Her humor, knowledge, enthusiasm and wisdom make the journey fun, exciting and rewarding. I highly recommend that you give yourself this gift.”

Cailen R - Bakersfield, CA


"When I first thought about hiring a coach, I was very hesitant for a number of reasons.  I didn't know if it would be worth it.  But I felt desperate, so I obligated myself for one month.  After that first month of sessions, the effects were immediate.  Carol asked good questions and offered great suggestions.  After another month, I started to feel better than I have in years.

If you've ever considered coaching, it's worth your time to get in touch with Carol.  She has been an extraordinary help to me."

Susan C. - Turlock, CA

 “Carol is so non-judgmental that I never felt weird about sharing things with her.  She quickly assimilates my ideas and can re-state them with clarification – and usually hits the nail right on the head!  She has done this work, and it shows.”

Vicki M. – Chandler, AZ


“I appreciated Carol’s professional, non-judgmental style.  She knows her subject very well and created a non-threatening space for me to explore, drill down and bust open some limiting beliefs.

Carol showed me how to clear the obstacles from my past and guided me to seeing my thoughts and beliefs differently.  Carol was able to guide me to the answers I needed to change and move past the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me.  She also shared lots of tips and tools that will enhance my life and keep me moving forward in pursuit of my passions.  I highly recommend Carol McKay as a coach and facilitator.  She truly does inspire awesome results!”

Vicki L. – Brisbane QLD, Australia


“Carol helped me to change my thinking about where I am right now.  I’m where I’m supposed to be in my life, and it’s perfect!  The choices I’ve made are the right ones.  Carol is PASSIONATE!  Supportive, enthusiastic, fun!”

Kathy P. – San Jose, CA


“Carol is fun and playful, filled with joy.  Carol also has a depth of character and I always feel like she is coming from her heart in all she does. 

I encourage everyone to take the passion test and work with Carol.  She brings all of her own passion and heart into the process and you will come away uplifted.  This work with help you clarify and identify your own passions and create the life you want by design.”

Nancy H. – Mission Viejo, CA


“I have worked with Carol as my life coach and in the one-to-one Passion Test course.   In both cases, these were life-changing experiences for me.  Through Carol’s thoughtful and objective guidance and compelling exercises, I was able to ask myself the critical questions I needed to answer about my life…and where I was going.  After working with Carol, I have found so much clarity around living a more joyful and purposeful life.  Carol is awesome!”

Kristine J. – Los Gatos, CA


“Carol helped me grow in my awareness of the quality of energy I’m spending to reach my goal.  Prior to taking The Passion Test, I spent a lot of time thinking about the “how’s” – specifically, how things WEREN’T working for me!

Carol is a gifted coach and now a brilliant facilitator of the Passion Test, a revealing tool to get you on the road to living the inspired life you were put here to live.  Lovingly and quickly, Carol will help you open the doors to reveal your true, authentic self."

Carolyn B. –
Collegeville, PA


“Carol is amazing to work with.  I have worked with other coaches who have helped me specifically in business, but Carol has brought all aspects of my life together and had helped shine a light on my path as a whole – not just one area of my life.  I am always amazed after a session with Carol as to the clarity I find and the calm I feel. 

I have seen great results in both my personal and professional life since working with Carol.  She is wonderful at guiding you and allowing you to find your own solutions.”

Mary F. – Modesto, CA


“The best part of working with Carol in a Passion Test Workshop is her enthusiasm.  Most people don’t know what their passions are.  Carol helped me change my thinking about what’s important in my life, and she’s passionate about what she does.”

Chris R. – Modesto, CA


“The Passion Test Workshop really helped me open my eyes.  I needed it as this point in my life, to push me to rebuild it.  What I will most remember about this program is ‘don’t control your life, flow your life’!  I really liked Carol’s confidence in this workshop.”

Mike J. – Ceres, CA


“The Passion Test Workshop is an uplifting experience, and I discovered what’s most important in my life.  Carol is positive and energetic, and people can learn much about themselves by taking The Passion Test.  I learned to cut away the BS and pay attention to what truly matters.”

Matthew H. – Turlock, CA


“I really enjoyed finding my passions.  Carol’s energy and enthusiasm made her workshop fun.  Carol is very passionate about what she is doing!”

Tyler B. – Modesto, CA


“The Passion Test Workshop helped me learn more about myself and how to live a more passionate life.  Carol has a way of really helping open people’s eyes to having more of what they are really passionate about in life.  Carol has opened my mind up to understanding what I might really want to do in life.

Brian C.  – Manteca, CA


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