Teen Coaching for Lifelong Success!

Give your teen the tools to
create a rich, full, success-filled
life...starting Now!

I Love Teens!  There.  I've said it.  I love the way teenagers think and react.  I love their energy and enthusiasm.  I even like their quirks!

And, more than anything else, I wish I'd had someone in my teenage years to help me sort through my fears, alleviate my feelings of inadequacy, and help me recognize my strengths.

I use a combination of coaching skills and positive psychology interventions to help teens recognize what's working and expect more from themselves.  I challenge teens to hold a higher vision for themselves than they thought possible.

Teen Coaching

Three Month
Coaching Plan

  • Coaching Your Teen to Success Includes:

- Feeling Happier
- The Power of Intention/Thinking First
- Getting Organized (creating systems that work for you)
- Making Plans for Your Future
- Identifying Your Strengths
- Evaluating and Identifying Supportive Relationships






3 coachings monthly with teen, by phone, 30 minutes each

1 coaching monthly with parent, by phone, 30 minutes

Pre-paid for full 3-month session

Unrestricted email support

Between session "mini coachings" with teen, by phone

Free Law of Attraction book

Price:  $900 for 3-month package


Coaching and
Group Coaching
also available

Carol for Information

Give your teen the necessary skills to create an amazing life!

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