Choose a Plan to Suit Your Dreams

Different Dreams
Different Goals
Different Coaching Options

Magnetizing your dreams doesn't happen overnight.  If it were simple and easy, you would already be living your dreams, right?

I want to help you honor yourself with the time and energy it will take to reclaim your dreams by offering coaching packages with deeper discounts for longer commitments.

I guarantee my rates are fair and competitive with other trained coaches.

Your Dreams

Six Month
Coaching Plan

Choose the specific goal, outcome or dream in your life you'd most like to manifest, and we'll work together to make it reality. 

We will assess what's happening now, examine the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, and create a plan to maximize your motivation, gather your resources, and keep you on course to your dreams.  I'll help you monitor, track, evaluate and celebrate your success!

Path to Your Dreams
Three Month
Coaching Plan

Define a specific goal for the coaching sessions, and map out strategies/action steps to begin attracting that goals. This is a laser-targeted program, focused intentionally on your specific, defined, desired outcomes.

Coaching By Email

Month-by-Month Plan

Receive coaching, support, and encouragement by email.  Create plans, set goals, and be held accountable. 





3 coachings monthly by phone, 30 minutes each

Pre-paid for full session, 6-months of coaching for the price of 5 (One Month Free)!

Unrestricted email support

Between session "mini coachings" by phone

Free Sedona Method book or Law of Attraction book (your choice)

20% discount on other Sedona Method products

Price:  $1125                          (saves $225 off standard 6-month fee)




3 coachings monthly, by phone, 30 minutes each
2 coachings monthly by phone, 45 minutes each

Billed monthly by check or credit card

Unlimited Email support

Price: $225/month

Receive coach-generated emails 2 times per month

Receive responses to client-generated emails
within 48 hours

Price: $65/month, prepaid before the first of each month


Coaching and
Group Coaching
also available

Carol for Information

Haven't you waited long enough to live your dreams?

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