Your Coachability Factor

Are you right for coaching?

If you’ve never been in a coaching relationship, you may be wondering how receptive you would be. The following statements are designed to help you look inside and determine whether coaching is right for you. Be honest and have fun – you just might get a dose of enlightenment!

Directions: Say each statement to yourself (it might help to do this aloud) and assign each statement the number most closely representing how true it feels for you. Make a note of the number that fits your feelings, and score yourself using the key at the bottom.

1. No way
2. It’s unlikely
3. I’m really not sure
4. Probably
5. Absolutely!

Rate each statement as to how it makes you feel:

A. It’s in my nature to take coaching seriously.
B. It’s a good time in my life to begin a 
     coaching relationship.
C. I am ready to let go of the negative behaviors
     and limiting beliefs that have been barriers to
     my success.
D. I can express my needs and expectations, and
     am willing to voice those needs as soon as I
     sense them.
E. Living a fun, balanced life is very important
    to me.
F. I am willing to do the work necessary to 
    achieve my goals, and allow my coach to 
    coach me.
G. I am willing to expand my thinking and
     “try-on” new ideas.
H. I am willing to be completely honest with
I.  I am ready and willing to make a worthwhile 
    investment in myself.
J.  I am ready to build a partnership with a coach 
    so we can co-create my dreams.

____________ TOTAL SCORE (add up the numbers)

What your score means…
• 10-20 It would not serve you well to begin a 
            coaching relationship right now. 
            But, you can always return to this test 
            and learn whether your coachability 
            has changed.
• 21-30 You are coachable, but you have some 
            lingering doubts. In a coaching 
            consultation, we can explore what’s 
            holding you back.
• 31-40 You are definitely coachable and would 
            likely receive great benefit from a 
            coaching relationship.
• 41-50 Wow! You are ready to begin a 
            coaching relationship now! Pick up the 
            phone and call or email me today!

If you're ready for a coach,
I'm ready to serve you!

  Carol McKay

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  your Coaching Consultation

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